The Third Running Start Workshop

The third Running Start workshop focused on financing and marketing. The workshop began with a presentation by young entrepreneur Abi Middaugh. Abi is a professional organizer and owner of Fancy Free Organizing. She’s 14 and really wowed the students.

Jeff Rinvelt of Renaissance Venture Capital Fund led a conversation with about the differences between venture capital, angel funding and crowdfunding. Some of our bank sponsors including TCF Bank, DFCU Financial and Michael Cheatham from Comerica Bank explained credit scores as well as collateral to the students.

Linda Bidlack from the Bidlack Creative Group team helped the young entrepreneurs create a logo for their business and then a business card. Finally, Janelle Reichman of Ellanyze walked through website design.

For the 4th and final workshop students will focus on insurance and legal issues and then craft pitches for their company ideas.

Debra Power