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Workshop series offers training for young entrepreneurs

Two years ago, Debra Power had an epiphany. While volunteering with a local Girl Scout troop she realized that this group of third graders had some surprisingly viable business ideas which led her to wonder what kind of entrepreneurial visions middle-school and high-school students might have. That was the beginning of Running Start, an entrepreneurial workshop for youth.

A graduate of the University of Michigan, Power has been the president and owner of Power Marketing Research in Ann Arbor for the past 17 years and also has years of experience working in nonprofits and economic development. In August 2017, she began talking with some colleagues about creating a workshop for teaching important entrepreneurial skills. Power soon devised the program that will launch its first cohort April 21.



Read Running Start Founder and President Debra Power's article in We Love Ann Arbor.

Ann Arbor’s Running Start aims to equip teenagers with entrepreneurship skills

What was Mark Zuckerberg up to as a child? Was he glued to SpongeBob SquarePants on TV? Did he spend his free time playing Grand Theft Auto? Not sure. However it came about, the (now) 33-year-old computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur, who founded Facebook from his Harvard dorm room, is worth $72.5 billion – and Debra Power may be mentoring the next mogul, right here in Ann Arbor, with new her new venture, Running Start.

“I love entrepreneurship,” says Power. “Most people go to school and then go to college and then go to work for someone else. I want to help give kids the the skills to be able to work for themselves.”



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Let’s All Give Youth a Running Start

Recently I launched a new workshop program for middle and high school students called Running Start. The goal of the program is to equip youth with critical skills like creativity, problem solving and critical thinking through the lens of entrepreneurship. Local subject matter experts and entrepreneurs will lead the workshops in which youth will work on a business concept, complete a business planner workbook, and finally pitch their idea. The workshops will cover business basics, company ideation, non-profits vs. for-profits, business planning, sales, market research, budgeting, branding, and more.


Entrepreneurship program for kids to launch in Ann Arbor

Concentrate Ann Arbor highlights Running Start's entrepreneurship programs for kids and interviews founder Debra Power. Power's inspiration for the Running Start program has its roots in her own childhood experience. The final push to create the program came when Power was working with Girl Scouts on a badge program, and watched third graders generating business ideas. She was surprised how sophisticated youth are about entrepreneurship, and wanted to equip them with the skillset they will need to develop their ideas, both now and in the future. Read more...

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Listen to an interview with Debra Power, Founder and President of Running Start on Michigan Radio's Stateside program.

Ann Arbor workshops give school-age entrepreneurs a “Running Start"

It's never too early to plant the seeds of entrepreneurship. Today's curious kid could be tomorrow's entrepreneurial star.

That's the idea behind the new program, Running Start, a four-part series of mentor-led workshops designed for middle and high school students interested in entrepreneurship.


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Read an interview with Naja Prince and Abi Middaugh, two of Running Start's youth mentors, in The Brick Magazine.

Becoming an entrepreneur can be a challenge at any stage of life, but two local young women can serve as an inspiration to anyone who has thought about striking out on their own. Naja Prince and Abi Middaugh are dynamic 14 year-olds who have their own businesses and recently signed on to mentor other young entrepreneurs for the Running Start program. Running Start offers workshops for middle and high school-aged youth to get the skills they need to become entrepreneurs. During the workshops Abi and Naja will share their ownership experiences and challenges to help their peers.



Listen to an interview with Debra Power, Founder and President of Running Start on the Lucy Ann Lance Show.